Lower Bucks Genealogy Club

LBGC Family Group Sheet Project

In a process to help connect more families, you are welcome to submit your Family Group Sheets.

Instructions for Submitting a Family Group Sheet:

  • To simplify filing the sheets and prevent duplication, we will only file in the following manner: HUSBAND'S SURNAME-WIFE'S MAIDEN NAME.
  • DO NOT inlcude living persons on these charts to protect privacy.
  • Family Group Sheets should include more than one person.
  • Put SURNAMES in capital letters.
  • List all women under thier maiden names. If unknown, then please leave blank.
  • Please be sure to quote your source information at the bottom of the page.
  • Open this link, copy and paste into an email to: lbgc19047@gmail.com.

Once uploaded, Family Group Sheets will appear in alphabetical order. 

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